Agent: Theresa Vibberts
Territory: USA and Canada with limited exceptions


.. after watching them perform, you may suspect that they hail from a different planet
— New York Times
Flip FabriQue projects an irrepressible spirit of fun and, yes, its catching.
— The New York Times

Cirque FLIP Fabrique is a young troupe founded by a group of friends who are at the peak of their talents as professional circus artists.  Their shared dream is to create CIRQUE shows that are built in the image of their artists, inspired by their personalities and their experiences. Each performer is the top star of their Cirque specialty and uses this new show, BLIZZARD, to showcase their one of a kind, unmatched skills!

BLIZZARD is the story of a group of friends, each one different from the other, like snowflakes, exploring the awe and wonder of a winter storm.

Through the lens of their very special and intimate relationship with winter, Cirque FLIP Fabrique brings audiences on a crazy, fun, poetic and tender journey through winter, and invites you to get lost in a moment of white wonder. With some of the most exciting circus performers of the moment, all original music performed live and breathtaking visual poetry, BLIZZARD is taking the stage by storm!

(...) all these mind-blowing acts are performed by six athletes at the height of their art.
— La Presse

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