North American tour 2019-20 season

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Manager: Alexander Barnes
Territory: North America

This dance form, these artists won’t be boxed in.
— The New York Times


Following breakthrough performances at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Manchester International Festival, an upcoming residency for the inaugural season of The Shed in New York City, FLEX AVE. is the brand new creation of Flexn dance pioneer Reggie “Regg Roc” Gray.

Featuring group choreography and solo improvisational works all set to a continuous mix of reggae, hip hop and pop music, the FLEX AVE. tour will feature 10 dancers and a DJ, all hailing from Brooklyn, NY who represent the best of the high-energy Flexn dance culture.

Characterized by a vocabulary all its own—Pauzin, Get-Low, Bone-Breaking—Flexn developed from various Jamaican street dance styles into a distinct art form that’s spread across the globe and has been embraced by the pop mainstream (as evidenced by Beyonce’s recent Coachella performance featuring several FLEXN alums) .

At the heart of Flex Ave. are narratives of perseverance and struggle – over violence, mental illness, loss of family. The mission of the company is to show that creative expression can be used as a tool for social change and inspire us to overcome any adversity.

In addition to public performances, Flex Ave. engagements involve several community components and educational activities which are an essential element to the FLEX AVE. experience.


❖ 10 dancers

❖ Director (Reggie Gray)

❖ DJ

❖ Company Manager

❖ Stage Manager

❖ Lighting Designer (Supervisor)




DANCE RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME (D.R.E.A.M): student performances that includes improvised dance battles that promote teamwork and creativity. (For Proscenium Stage)

FLEX AVE XPERIENCE: (lecture/ demo) participants will learn about Flexn history, basic Flexn dance styles. (For Studio / black box theater / classroom)

FLEX AVE TALKBACK: discussions will cover how the company members use Flexn as an engine of social change, topics/ themes within the choreographic work, and personal stories of community members. (before / after performance)


Availability: February - April 2020

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