Agent: Jean-Jacques Cesbron
Territory: Opera Worldwide


Daniele Finzi Pasca grew up in a family of photographers, in his father’s darkroom, also used by his grandfather and great-grandfather before him. Daniele is introduced to the circus world through gymnastics; later, under the guidance of a clown named Fery, he sets foot on stage for the first time. In 1983, Daniele leaves for India where he works for a volunteer program helping the sick in terminal stage. Upon his return to Switzerland, he founds Teatro Sunil, company where he develops a vision of the art of clowning , dance and acting along with Maria Bonzanigo and his brother Marco. They call this theatrical technique “theatre of the caress”. Finzi Pasca is sentenced to a short stay in prison for acting as a conscientious objector, and during that time, he puts the final touch to Icaro, a monologue imagined for a single spectator. Interpreted by Daniele himself in six different languages over the past 20 years, Icaro has toured the world and was performed more than 700 times. This show is at the very root of the company’s style and aesthetics. He creates and directs some 20 shows with Teatro Sunil. Played in over 20 countries, his projects depict a profound sense of humanity and playfulness. They include Rituale, Viaggio al Confine, Dialoghi col Sonno, Percossi Obbligati, Giacobbe, 1337, Aitestas and Visitatio; the latter co-produced by Teatro Sunil and Montreal’s Carbone 14. In 2003, he writes and directs Te Amo, show produced by Poramor Producciones and Teatro Sunil. For Cirque Éloize Daniele creates Nomade – At Night, the Sky is Endless (2002) and Rain – Comme une pluie dans tes yeux (2003). For the latter, he is nominated Best Director at the Drama Desk Award in New York. In 2005, he writes and directs Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo, which has been seen by over three million spectators to this day. Daniele creates and directs the closing ceremony of the Torino 2006 XX Winter Olympic Games, production for which he is awarded the 2006 Swiss Award in the Show Business category. In 2007, he signs Nebbia, co-produced by Cirque Éloize and Teatro Sunil. Casagrande has published a short-story anthology entitled Come Acqua allo specchio, as well as the complete script of Viaggio al Confine. In 2008, he is awarded with the Swiss Theatre Prize and is also nominated for the XIII Europe Theatre Prize.

In 2009, he co-founds Inlevitas with Julie Hamelin, company put forth to create and develop various artistic projects such as opera, acrobatic theatre and films. The first project Inlevitas signs is the opera L’Amour de loin, for London’s English National Opera in July 2009, presented in Belgium in 2010 and in Toronto in 2012. They also participate in publishing the book Daniele Finzi Pasca: Theatre of the Caress, written by Facundo Ponce de León in 2009. 

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