US Tour February 2017
With Christoph Eschenbach, Conductor Ray Chen, Violin


Manager:  Jean-Jacques Cesbron
Territory: North America


In February 2017, the legendary Bamberg Symphony embarks on an American tour starting with a special performance at Carnegie Hall on February 8 and finishing in California at the end of the month. The Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Christoph Eschenbach, will offer a varied program including Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture, Bruch’s Violin Concerto in G major featuring Ray Chen, and Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp minor.

Over the course of 70 years, the Bamberg Symphony has become not only the musical hub of the entire region, but also one of Germany's most-traveled orchestras. It was the first to tour abroad after World War II, notching up almost 7,000 concerts in more than 500 cities and 60 countries worldwide and is now cultural ambassador for Bavaria and all of Germany.

In addition, the Bamberg Symphony has served as orchestra in residence at top festivals such as the Edinburgh International Festival and Lucerne Festival. To mark the 1000th anniversary of the Bishopric of Bamberg, the orchestra performed for the Pope in the Papal summer residence Castel Gandolfo.

With its origins as the German Philharmonic in Prague, the Bamberg Symphony continues a musical tradition that stretches back to the 18th and 19th centuries. In the years 1885 & 1886, Gustav Mahler conducted the orchestra that would later become the German Philharmonic Prague, whose forbearers played the world premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

With this storied history and present day accolades, the Bamberg Symphony is rightly considered the preeminent touring orchestra of Germany.

“I am eternally thankful that the Bamberg Symphony has helped me with their professional perfection, musical integrity and that special kind of human warmth that makes them a truly unique ensemble.”
— Gustavo Dudamel

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